Project "M-Town"


2021 – our client, the Corning company, announces the opening of a new factory in Mszczonow (which had to be codenamed “M-Town”, or else the global office would twist their tongues😊). It is a small city in the Zyrardow county, known as “Warsaw’s warehouse”, with a low unemployment rate and huge recruitment competition. In the meantime, our target group are production employees with specific skills and knowledge in machine operation. Furthermore, we are a new company in the local market, without a recognizable consumer brand (we make fiber optic cables), and internal procedures prevent us from showing photos of the factory.


We divided the campaign into 2 stages: an image-centered stage, to increase awareness and trust, and a recruitment stage, when we would directly reach the candidates. We hired a sketch artist, to show the nature of the production, without revealing pictures of the factory’s interior. In our communication, we relied on research insights – that candidates need short, concrete messages, assurances of stability and of a job that’s close to home. Actions were multi-channeled, we conducted them online and offline. We also fostered good relations in the local community by sponsoring the local football club, by cooperating with cultural institutions and … by even being there at a Summer disco-polo concert – the things you do to reach the right people!


The most important goal, namely the fulfillment of the hiring plan for the new factory, was carried out on time and in 100%. We not only managed to recruit, but also to train all of the staff. Our actions also drew the attention of the local community – the career page was visited by over 50 000 UU, which translated into over 1500 high-quality applications!