FM Logistic

Opening of the Glogow Platform


FM Logistic was opening a new platform in Glogow (Lower Silesia), under enormous time pressure, as any delay meant financial losses and the client’s dissatisfaction. We therefore had only three (!) months to recruit 160 employees, and it was not our only challenge. We were just entering the local market, so we were a completely unknown company, and the massive recruitment competition did not make things easier (a copper hub, 350 similar job offers in the market, often with higher wages), neither did the stereotypes about the industry (back-breaking work, only for men).


We concentrated on segments that presented the highest chances of success. We focused on a message emphasizing stability and we relevantly addressed the candidates’ concerns (is it a reliable and stable job, is it physically difficult, can it be done by women). We expanded our target group to include women, we identified areas where we were competitive and prepared different language versions. By quoting workers from the client’s other platforms for more brand credibility, we broke the stereotypes in locally relevant channels – local press, radio, billboards or targeted online campaigns.


The platform was ready to open on time! We successfully recruited the most challenging occupational group (according to the ManpowerGroup “Talent shortage” study from 2021). We continuously monitored the results and optimized the campaign, and thus hired over 150 people in just 3 months, in a competitive job market. In total we received over 1000 applications, and the cost of a single application was very low. It is also worth noting that as many as 54% of the positions were filled by women.