Working in a warehouse is no cakewalk. Most people think so and they are mostly right. Besides that, a warehouse job is not really good for personal development – that may often be the case as well. But we have decided to overcome these two “truths” with OUR truth! Without sugarcoating, cheating, or any fake creatives. Just an honest and simple message, from the real employees. The channel we used was unusual and… in the case of other executions, it was often a failure. Because what comes to mind when you hear: “let’s write a song about working here”? Failed lipdubs that inspire online memes…


Together with our client, we knew that the person, that can reach our potential employees, is another employee. We did not interfere with the content or execution of the song, but asked that it is a YouTube music video. The author of the lyrics and performer was Tomek, a warehouse employee. And the other actors? Also warehouse employees, and in the final scene – the head troublemaker, the director of the Distribution Center. We executed the video in a real warehouse space, with minimum spending. We also did not have any promo budget – still, we managed to get over 30K views on YT, several thousand SM reactions and dozens of comments.


Because the video simply… works! It was enjoyed by current workers, prospective ones, and… ordinary viewers. 100% comments posted under the video are positive, directly stating that: “I was expecting a flop, and this is gold!”. Employees deserve the credit – it was their initiative, and the lyrics came from the heart – to talk about what it’s like at Kaufland, to encourage others to work and grow there.