"You don't need to change your routines"


Kingfisher, the owner of the Castorama brand, operates in the highly competitive Cracow job market. According to ABSL data from 2021, the number of BPO, SSC/GBS, IT and R&D service centers at that time was 257 in Cracow! The company’s recruitment needs were growing, peaking during the pandemic and post-pandemic period, when many employees could not imagine returning to the office after the lockdown is over, and more and more recruitment communication moved to the online world. What did that mean for Kingfisher? To succeed, they needed to create a unique communication! We decided to accept this challenge together…


Working remotely was nothing new in recruitment communication, but our client was the first in the market to offer the possibility to work from home PERMANENTLY, thus opening the doors to residents of small towns, and giving them the opportunity for big-city work and pay. Work for a Cracow company from anywhere in Poland!

The concept behind the campaign was based on a joke. We used memes that poked fun at the disappearing commuting routines and addressed the need for having more free time and being closer to our dear ones. We made a funny video and worked in many channels, 100% online of course 😊


Our goal was raising awareness about the possibility to work remotely at KFS and seeing more applications. Have we managed to achieve these goals? Yes and we exceeded them greatly. Marketing indicator scores were very satisfactory – i.e. by reaching a CTR=14.9% in Google Search, we beat the market average by several times! But most importantly, we covered the hiring needs and achieved the goal of the campaign, by increasing the number of applications and expanding the target group by several hundred perfect, compared to when we were starting our actions! And candidates even asked about the campaign on… Gowork 😊