We're straight talkers when describing our job


Our client, Nationale-Nederlanden, relies mostly on their sales network for achieving their business objectives. Recruiting candidates in this area turned out to be a major challenge for many reasons. We began working on the campaign during the pandemic, when stability was the most important aspect for candidates… In the meantime, NN was only offering B2B agreements. The insurance sector was one of the most active ones in the market – with a higher number of job offers than before COVID-19. On top of that, the job of an insurance advisor “enjoyed” a negative reputation that required improvement…


We analyzed the data, created the personas and prepared two, separate comms. To our younger candidates, inexperienced in the insurance sector, we spoke lightly about the facts of working as an insurance advisor. And for the experienced candidates, we prepared communication based on a language of benefits and we directly communicated the competitive advantages of NN. We used content marketing on a broad scale throughout the whole campaign. We picked various channels for a wider reach to the recipients. The most unusual action we undertook was participating in one of the episodes of the Polish talk show “7 metrów pod ziemią”. One of the insurance advisors talked to influencer Rafal Gebura about the pros and cons of working in his profession.


In just a few months, NN hired several hundred new advisers. This means that we have significantly increased the degree of achievement of recruitment goals. One of the assumptions of the campaign was also to educate the market about the work of an insurance advisor. Thanks to the large reach of the campaign (over 5,00,000 views), we were able to dispel the myths related to the work of an advisor among many recipients. During recruitment meetings, over 90% of candidates indicated our campaign as a source of knowledge about the work of a consultant and a direct incentive to apply.