"Feel the Pepco values"


Dynamic growth – these words perfectly encapsulate Pepco, which transformed from a small, local chain, into a global player across various markets: from the Baltics, through Germany, all the way to Spain. The company works based on its values, but as the organization grew, the values were no longer successfully engaging the team. Our job was to make sure that the values catch up with reality and reignite the culture. We wanted all employees, even on their first day, not just to learn about Pepcoolture, but also to feel and co-create it.


What do employees care most about? The employees established that on workshops, during which they updated the company values and picked behaviors that fit them. We designed the visual identity… and it was time for IMPLEMENTATION! We needed to be innovative to cut through the clutter. We created and trained a group of Pepcoolture influencers. The faces of the project were 45 influencers – representatives of 17 countries who were responsible for communicating values. Supporting promo and educational materials in 18 languages were sent to offices, distribution centers and over 2700 stores, and LinkedIn profiles were filled with hundreds of posts – Employee Advocacy FTW!


The intended outcome? Pepco employees will not just talk about the new values, but they will also act on them. Many people from the whole organization became involved in the actions resulting from the cultural shift, and we received several hundred group applications in the contests centered on values! We even had an influencer… dog, Buddha, whose pictures, together with our value-promoting materials, gave our communication enormous social media reach.