Recruitment marketing

Recruitment marketing is more than just impressive visuals and catchy slogans. We help properly choose channels and communication that would reach the candidates, and also optimize processes and tools – all for the best candidate experience and best outcome of the recruitment.

Communication strategy

Based on the data, we develop communication objectives and pick the apt messages, create plans, schedules and budgets for image-recruitment actions. All that while focused on effectiveness and always striving to faithfully capture the character of the client’s organization.

Online and social media campaigns

We conduct online campaigns, utilizing the capabilities of social media, search engines, advertising or programmatic networks. Precise targeting allows us to effectively reach even the most difficult target groups.

Offline campaigns

We use traditional channels to reach the candidates. Outdoor, public transportation, press? Of course! But we’re always looking for non-standard forms, such as concerts, local events or cooperation with sports’ clubs for the best results.

Candidate experience

Our focus is not only acquiring candidates, but also on making sure that they have a friendly recruitment process. We conduct mystery candidate studies, map candidate paths and optimize processes for a positive experience across all stages.

Other services

Employer branding

  • Image research
  • EB strategy and EVP
  • Content creation
  • Image campaigns

Employee experience

  • Internal communication
  • Organizational culture
  • Employee advocacy
  • HR processes



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